in Marketing Cloud, with WorkMate by Genetrix
Introducing a comprehensive suite of Marketing Cloud custom solutions, as Salesforce Lightning Components and dashboards, designed to streamline tasks in Marketing Cloud directly from Salesforce UI.

Wait-Until-API Event Companion

Create Triggers in Salesforce via UI built with LWC components. Triggers to interact with the ‘Wait until API event’ Activity in Marketing Cloud Journeys to give you more control over how and when contacts flow in the journey.

Move contact forward onto the following path as soon as the action(Email Click/Open, Form Submission, Order placement, Survey Filled) is performed with our point-and-click App.

SFMC SMS integration with Contact/Lead

Send SMS directly from the Contact and Lead detail page in Salesforce via Marketing Cloud. UI Built using LWC/Apex and leverages Marketing Cloud REST APIs for SMS sends.

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